About Me

 My Road to becoming a psychotherapist began by completing a Bachelor of Arts degree, in Spanish and Psychology. I had always wanted to learn another language and was fortunate to travel to many different countries growing up. 


Along with travel and academia, my passions also include surfing, music, and fishing. Believe it or not, the surf is actually pretty good in NW Florida. That's where my addiction to the sport began. I started when I was 12 years old and haven’t stopped since.  

As you might have gathered thus far, I’m a psychotherapist who has spent most of his life in pursuit of the balance between play and work. High quality of life is the mission of Bridge to Solutions Counseling, especially since there are so many challenges in our lives today that keep us from enjoying life fully.

I have been fortunate to be a catalyst for life change for many individuals in over 20 years. More important than what I say about being a counselor is what the people whose lives have changed through my work have to say.