Success Stories


 "Dr. Rob immediately puts people at ease. He has the ability to listen 'past what you are saying' and get to where you really are living.  He has been enormously helpful to me in a very short time. I look forward to our sessions. I recommend him to anyone who is serious about looking at their life and applying his guidance to their life in a real, meaningful way."

M. L., Communications Director


"Like many people seeking help, I was not so much looking for direction as I was looking for help in focusing on the many directions my life was already taking.  I needed someone who has gift for listening to hear my unfocused ramblings, and then with humor, discernment, and an ability to make me feel safe and cared for, help me decipher the true path within my wanderings.

Rob did exactly that for me.  He is warm, funny and accepting. He has helped me tremendously.  In the days between our sessions, I know that he continues to think about my questions and issues and has gone beyond the call of duty to give me the kinds of concrete help that I’ve needed."

K.P., Writer and Minister, Wife and Mother

“Even during our first few minutes of conversation, I realized that Dr. Rob was loaded with resources and insights that would enable me to get through the first year of my business with much less stress and anxiety.

Through meeting with him I have increased my ability to compartmentalize and organize my thoughts and behaviors. This means increased productivity during the day and leaving work at the office when I walk in my home at night. I've also been able to sleep better.

It's important to me, since Dr. Rob's work has affected my life in such a positive manner to pass his information along to the people I work with, as well as others. I highly recommend Dr. Rob!”

J.F President/CEO, clothing and equipment sales company

 “Rob asked me to dream big from the beginning. Once he guided me through the process of defining what was most important to me, I realized how capable I was to make my career dreams a reality.

By setting the bar higher than I thought I ever dared, I was challenged to stretch my own comfort level and obtain my goals. Without pressure or just giving me pat advice, Rob helped me help myself. He believed in me when I didn’t and created a success based environment that will stay with me long after our sessions are complete.

Everyone needs a Dr. Rob in their corner asking for what seems the impossible and showing you that you can actually achieve it.”

J.M. Mother and recent Suma Cum Laude


“Three months ago, before I discovered Dr. Rob, I was exhausted and depressed, not to mention finishing nothing and not realizing my potential. Dr. Rob's insights helped me take action, develop a focus and begin creating a life around my passion instead of following the status quo.

Though I still have days that I think I can't do it, Dr. Rob's support and encouragement helps me get through.  I can't wait to get up and see what the next day holds.  My friends even tell me that I am more outgoing and I have a better attitude.  Thank you, Dr. Rob!”

C.S., Independent consultant and writer


"Dr. Rob,

Just a note to thank you for the help and inspiration you've given me. Your help has been much appreciated in the creation of my new business. Men's midlife crisis averted!

Again, thanks so much for your help and inspiration :-)"

Dr. D. M. Small business owner, health and wellness expert